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Name/Handle: Teru
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Other characters: Daenerys Targaryen

Character name: Leliana
Character journal: [personal profile] nugqueen
Series name: Dragon Age
Canon notes: Canon AU (Riona's Origins path with differing DA2 and Inquisition paths those are mine). Canon point specifically will be Inquistion, before the last battle with Corypheus and before she is named Divine Victoria.


History: Leliana's Wiki page; Leliana's Song - Origins DLC

Decisions specific to Riona's version of events in Origins, as provided by [personal profile] bryces_pup, can be found here

While Leliana was not present for much of Dragon Age 2, she is told events of what transpired by Cassandra, who heard it from Varric.

Marian Hawke's version of events are that she sided with the mages, Bethany died in the prologue, Carver became a warden, and she was romanced with Fenris. She killed the Arishok, Isabela fled with the tome belonging to the Qunari, and everyone fought with her (save Anders) in the final battle. She did not approve of what Anders did at the chantry and killed him as a result. She recruited Sebastian and because Anders died there was no war with Kirkwall in Inquisition.

In Inquisition, the Inquisitor was a human warrior who had some chantry faith and chose Leliana as the next Divine and Leliana was hardened by her choices in Inquisition. Inquisitor Trevelyen was also romanced with Cullen. Furthermore, the major choices made by the Inquisitor include: Allying with the Mages and the Wardens, keeping Celene on the throne, banishing Gaspard and Briala, allying with Abela, drinking from the Well of Sorrows, and choosing Leliana as the next Divine.

One of the largest themes of Leliana's character arc throughout Origins and a large part of Inquisition is her struggle to reconcile the two parts of herself that make her who she is: the Left Hand of the Divine - later the Inquisition's Spymaster - and the gentle Chantry sister. As Justinia's Left Hand, Leliana acted as her guard. She operated in the shadows as a master of secrets and subterfuge, her role consisting of dirty jobs that needed doing when diplomacy and proper decorum were ineffective. Leliana, at her core, is an idealist and struggles with the fact that not even the Maker is infallible. When Justinia is killed in the inciting events that begin Inquisition's plot, her struggles are more apparent as she tries to find a reason behind her beloved mentor's death.

Leliana is extremely protective of her loved ones and will fight tooth and nail for the cause she believes in, regardless of her own safety or the consequences of her actions. If it means the job is done then she will do what needs doing. While she is not opposed to doing said dirty work, she is a believer in freedom and is strongly against mage oppression. This does not give room for her to condone acts of violence that border on radicalism. An example of this could be Anders' destruction of Kirkwall's chantry in the name of mage equality. Though this is not touched upon by her in canon - as Anders is not present in Inquisition - Leliana's personality is such that she would feel very strongly against such grandiose displays of violence in the name of peace. Leliana operates from the shadows and feels strongly that both sides should convene together to find the peaceful and righteous path.

Freedom is a huge deal to Leliana and she acknowledges that she has more freedom than others, especially mages, even as she has done terrible things in her past and many of those who are not free have not. Despite all of the awful things she's done in the name of her work, Faith very much saved Leliana in both the literal and figurative sense. That faith led her to Divine Justinia who saved her while she was still Mother Dorothea. Justinia inspired her to escape from torture and the fight to free others who were also kidnapped. Leliana's strong faith gives her hope and purpose and helped her through struggling with the reconciliation between the two parts of herself - the Chantry Sister and the Left Hand.

There are several things Leliana feels strongly about besides freedom: betrayal and cruelty. In Leliana's past with Marjolaine, the assertion that she was different from her bardmaster was all that kept Leliana from losing hope and to believe in people again. Their relationship soured greatly from the time they had first met due to events that lead to Leliana being tortured. The Chantry and that hope gave her back the part of herself that could believe in good again and gave her back her ability to do good without forcing it on the unwilling.

Leliana is a fun loving girl who enjoys teasing people such as Cullen and Alistair. Her humor and mischievious side are a link between the two sides of herself that are in conflict. She enjoys a fun innocent prank but also indulges in manipulation that comes with her skill in the Grand Game, something Orlesians do to pass the time that doesn't fall short of killing or theft. She loves stories, history and the lessons that can be taken from them and the strength they inspire. She is a lover of music, and song, although she has less time to dedicate to them due to her duties. Most importantly, Leliana adores nugs. Others think they are disgusting and gross - and really they're akin to a naked mole rat so not the most attractive pets - but Leliana adores them. She is gifted one by Riona in Origins and when it passed, between the events of Origins and Inquisition, she aquired a second, named Schmooples II after Riona's gift to her.

Leliana is unhardened in Origins but becomes somewhat hardened in Inquisition by choices she's made influenced by the Inquisitor. Her grief over Justinia's death and the necessity of her job create situations where her morality is very gray. Leliana uses any means to get the job done - even murder, if need be. She still wrestles between that line of what is right and what is needed, but she still does what she can for the greater good. Losing Justinia caused Leliana a great deal of internal struggle with her faith but she managed to push through and would later become Divine in Justinia's place.

Abilities: Leliana is very proficient with a bow. She is also well equipped to withstand heavy torture, has a spy network at her disposal that would make any grown man cry, and is charismatic enough to be able to get dirt on anyone about anything. She's a dangerous woman, basically.
Augment Skillset: Security would probably fit her. She'd just need little spy birdies throughout the ships and she'd be right at home.
Sample: December Test Drive Meme and Dear Mun


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